What is the adoption process?
If you visit our adoption center and find a cat you like you can fill out an application for that cat. The application is then sent to a manager who will review it. (We do not do same day adoptions). If approved, you will be contacted and an appointment will be set to come in and pick up the cat. There is an adoption fee that is paid at the time of pick up which is a tax deductible donation to the organization to help care for the cats.

Where can I go to see cats that are available for adoption?
Cats and kittens available for adoption can be seen in person at our location inside Pet Supplies Plus at 126 East Main Street in Smithtown. Our hours do vary from that of the store so it is usually best to call ahead. Cats can also be viewed online at Petfinder.com, Adopt-a-pet.com, as well as here on our website.

Have the cats at your adoption center been checked by a veterinarian?
Yes, all of our cats are checked by a veterinarian prior to entering our adoption center. All of our cats are also spayed/ neutered, vaccinated for rabies and distemper, and have tested negative for Felv/Fiv. We also regularly de-worm and treat all of our cats here with flea preventatives.

Does your organization accept donations?
Yes we always appreciate donations. Donations accepted can be monetary or in the form of supplies. We are always in need of canned food, scoopable litter, paper towels, and cleaning supplies.

Does your organization assist with trapping?
Unfortunately at this time we are unable to assist with the trapping of feral cats. Most local town shelters have programs where they will lend traps to town residents. The cats can then be humanely trapped and brought to low cost clinics for spay/neuter. After recovery the cats should be re-released in the area they were trapped. You can contact our organization for resources on low cost spay and neuter clinics.

I found a cat, can I bring it to you?
WE DO NOT IMMEDIATELY TAKE IN ANY CATS PEOPLE FIND. We screen all cats coming into our adoption center. All cats accepted in must first be placed on our waiting list. As space becomes available we will go through the list and decide what cats are appropriate for intake. The list does not necessarily go in any particular order, nor do we guarantee intake just because a cat is on our list.

Do you provide low cost veterinary care?
Our adoption center does not have a medical facility. We have access to a list of low cost clinics we can recommend, contact us at (631) 360-3611 for more information. (The Long Island Feline Adoption Center is not affiliated with any of these clinics.)

How do I become a volunteer?
We are always in need of new volunteers to assist us with caring for our cats and kittens. Volunteers must be at least 18 years of age. If you are interested in volunteering you can fill out an application at our adoption center inside Pet Supplies Plus at 138 East Main Street in Smithtown. Please call ahead (631) 360-3611 to make sure that we are open.

What is Felv/Fiv testing and why is it important?
Felv and Fiv are both viruses that cats and kittens can contract. These diseases can be spread from cat to cat and kittens often get it from their mothers. These viruses attack the immune system and often shorten the cat’s lifespan significantly. Since both of these viruses can be spread to other cats, we test all of our cats and kittens prior to adoption.

What do I need to know before adopting a cat or kitten?
The first thing to consider is whether or not you will have the time, money and energy to devote to a new pet. Kittens require more energy, playtime, and training. They can get into everything and require someone who is home more often. People who work long hours are usually best adopting an adult cat.

The other thing to consider is the fact that cats can live 15-20 years. If you adopt a cat understand that you are its permanent caregiver, this includes if you must move, if you get married, if you have a baby or any other life changes that may come about. A cat is not a disposable item, it is a family member. You must make arrangements for a cat just as you would your child.